Development of ‘Ultra Compact Mobility’ at the Fukushima Robot Test Field


Development of ‘Ultra Compact Mobility’ at the Fukushima Robot Test Field

We are running numerous tests and analysis every day at our Tajima Motor Laboratory located within the Fukushima Robot Test Field. Our primary focus of development is the next generation ultra compact mobility (including passenger type ULP1 and Delivery type ULD1) with the objective to develop a prototype and we have reached the most interesting high point of the entire project.

We have established a solid base in various positive aspects such as basic performance of top speed and range, a low center of gravity platform which houses all the drive train components, ease of boarding on and off thanks to a lowered seating design -- it does not require vertical movement of the boarding passenger, clear and wide eye-sight range for stress-free riding experience and more.

Our team enjoys a superb environment working at the Fukushima Robot Test Field Tajima Motor Laboratory as designing, maintaining prototypes and testing are all possible within the facility making the entire work such as prototype building and testing fast-paced, thus the project development is speedy than traditional methods.

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Fukushima Robot Test Field

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